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News & Events

  • August 2022
Welcome to our new Posdoctoral Assosciate Onur Tosun.
  • August 2021
Welcome to our new graduate student Karthik Rao.
  • June 2021
A full lab this summer! Welcome to our RET and REU researchers  Aerielle and Aeryn.
  • August 2020
We welcome our new graduate student Kevin Allen.
  • June 2019
We have a full lab this summer! Welcome to our undergraduate researchers Roberto, Noah, and Spencer, our RET  researcher Daniel, and our new graduate student researcher Long! 
  • April 2019
           Congratulations to Jaime for his selection as an NSF Graduate Research Fellow!
  • September 2018
Congratulations to Emilia for her election as a Fellow of the American Physical Society!
  • April 2018
Kyle successfully advanced to PhD candidacy with a great qualifying exam! Way to go, Kyle! 
  • March 2018
Congratulations to Alannah for her award from the Neutron Scattering Society of America for Outstanding Student Research! 
  • September 2017
Our new postdoctoral researcher Alannah has joined us all the way from Canada! Welcome, Alannah!
  • May 2017
          The paper on quantum criticality in Ti1-xScxAu has just been accepted in Physical Review B (Rapid Communication)! 
  • April 2017
          Congratulations to Emilia for receiving the Charles W. Duncan Achievement Award for Outstanding Faculty! 
  • April 2017
           Our review paper on itinerant magnetism has been accepted. 
  • October 2016
           Welcome to the newest graduate student in our group, Kyle! We are happy to have you!
  • September 2016
           Our paper on spin re-orientation in Yb14MnSb11 was accepted by JACS. 
  • August 2016
 Welcome to Dr. Chien-Lung Huang, the new research scientist in our group!
  • July 2016
Our paper on hardness on biocompatible β-Ti3Au was published! Read the press release here.
  • July 2016​
Congratulations to Dr. Chih-Wei Chen for successfully defending his PhD thesis! 
  • May 2016

Binod was awarded the Dunlap Fellowship for excellence in scholarship and resaerch in physics. Great job, Binod!

  • May 2016

Binod, Macy, and Emilia attended CIFAR Quantum Materials summer school and main meeting in Toronto

  • April 2016

Congratulations to Jesse for successfully defending his Master's thesis! 

  • March 2016

Congratulations to Haihao! He was selected as a participant in the 2016 Nakatani RIES Fellowship program and will spend the summer at a Japanese university.

  • March 2016

Emilia, Chih-Wei, Binod, and Jessica attended the APS March Meeting in Baltimore ​

  • February 2016

Congratulations to Jessica for successfully defending her Master's thesis! 

  • November 2015

Macy is our youngest graduate student (we got a chemist in our ranks). Welcome, Macy!

  • September 2015

Emilia joins the Department Electrical and Chemical Engineering at Rice.

  • July 2015

Our paper on TiAu has finally appeared in Nature Communications! Here is the Rice press release and other stories that picked it up.

  • June 2015

Look what the tropical storm Bill brought us: Emily Maxwell (Denison University) is here for the summer REU program! Emily will be sorting out the "chocolate chip cookie versus brownie" problem in Fe0.33(Ta1-xNbx)S2.

  • June 2015

Welcome Ralph Cox, RET high school teacher! Ralph is working on showing the relevance of single crystals (versus polycrystals) in the studies of magnetic metals.

  • June 2015

Congratulations to Binod and his wife for welcoming their son!

  • May 2015

Congratulations to Emilia for being promoted to Professor!

  • May 2015

Welcome to the newest graduate student, Jesse Choe (transfer from ECE)!

  • May 2015

Our Nature Communications paper on TiAu has been accepted!

  • April 2015

Congratulations to Ajay for being selected for the NanoJapan Program for this summer, and to Brian for his REU fellowship at Colorado State!

  • April 2015

We published our first Phys. Rev. X paper, on quantum criticality and non-Fermi liquid behavior in doped Sc3.1In!

  • February 2015

Chih-Wei and Will’s paper on large magnetoresistance is now published in Phys. Rev. B!

  • January 2015

We are rich with Rice undergrads. David, Elena, Brian, Jean-Luke, Ajay and Ali joined the lab.

  • December 2014

Binod successfully defended his masters thesis.

  • December 2014

Emilia attended the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Kavli Japanese-American Frontiers of Science in Tokyo, Japan

  • December 2014

The new Rice Center for Quantum Materials (RCQM) was launched with a very stimulating symposium.

  • October 2014

Justin successfully defended his MSc on his recent paper on Pt doping and Se deficiency in TiSe2! Congratulations, Justin, and good luck in your new group!

  • September 2014

Graduate student Jessica Santiago joined the group. Welcome, Jessica!

  • August 2014

Emilia joins the new Department of Materials Science and Nanoengineering at Rice.

  • August 2014

Congratulations to Emilia for being named a Betty and Gordon Moore Foundation EPiQS Investigator! Read more here

  • June 2014

Undergraduate student James Lee joined the group. Welcome!

  • April 2014

Emilia was elected as a member-at-large of the American Physical Society DMP Executive Committee

  • March 2014

Jiakui’s paper on the “3442” compounds is finally published in Phys Rev. B.

  • November 2013

Emilia presented a lecture in the Rice Science Café series. Kids old and young enjoyed playing with crystals, magnets, superconductors, and freezing their (parents') dinner in liquid Nitrogen.

  • October 2013

Andrea’s paper on the topological metal GeBi2Te4 is now published.

  • October 2013

Emilia was one of the speakers in the Scientia lecture series.

  • September 2013

Eteri’s paper on the interplay between local and itinerant moment is now published in Phys. Rev B.

  • August 2013

Justin attends the Cargese (Corsica, France) summer school on Superconductivity –Theory, Experiments, and Phenomena - STEP 2013

  • March 2013

Congratulations to Emilia for being promoted to Associated Prof with tenure!

  • January 2013

Jiakui and Andrea attended the Winter School on Superconductivity in Hong Kong. Emilia joined them for the following International Workshop on Superconductivity. 

  • January 2013

A new paper is out: Liang’s Phys. Rev. B paper on the checkerboard Mott insulator Sr2F2Fe2OS2.

  • December 2012

Emilia attended the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Kavli Japanese-American Frontiers of Science in Irvine, CA

  • December 2012

Check out the review article from Rice on Strongly Correlated Materials!

  • September 2012

Binod Rai is the newest graduate student to join the Morosan group. Welcome, Binod!

  • June 2012

Our group has just welcomed two Rice freshman, Stephanie Padley and Jamie Stone. Welcome!

  • May 2012

Emilia’s most recent “publication” was born: welcome to Norah, and congratulations!

  • May 2012

We were awarded the Welch foundation grant!

  • April 2012

Welcome to our newest quantum materials enthusiasts Matthew Kindy and Chris Georgen (freshmen).

  • November 2011

A new graduate student, Justin Chen, joins the group. Welcome, Justin!

  • September 2011

We welcome Vlad Ghita (Rice freshman) to the group.

  • September 2011

Dr. Andrea Marcinkova joins the group as a postdoctoral associate. Welcome!

  • September 2011

Liang’s paper on doping and pressure in CaFe4As3 is published.

  • August 2011

Jiakui and Liang’s paper on SrMnBi2 is accepted.

  • June 2011

We welcome our summer interns: Kathy Celestine (RET summer teacher), Douglas Bollinger, Hikaru Iwata, Keisuke Takamizawa (Nano-Japan summer students) and Jose Tusell (REU summer student).

  • May 2011

Morosan lab welcomes Chan group from Chemistry at LSU for the first meeting as part of the “Student Expertise Exchange” program

  • May 2011

Congratulations to Eteri for the Physics and Astronomy Eric Umland award for contributions to the quality of graduate student life in the Physics department.

  • February 2011

We moved to our new home in Brockman Hall. Take a lab tour!

  • September 2010

Our very own Century Scholar Joshua Yip joins the group. Welcome, Josh!

  • September 2010

Congratulations to Emilia for wining the prestigious Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE). Read about it here.

  • August 2010

Emilia receives a joint appointment in the Chemistry Department at Rice University.

  • August 2010

Mark wins RQI Best Poster Award at the RQI symposium. Well done, Mark!

  • June 2010

Welcome to our summer interns Dr. Rhett Woo and Alvenia Chambliss (RET teachers), Mark Hendricks and Alex Eukel (undergraduate students), and Stephanie Rosales (high school student).

  • May 2010

Congratulations, Vishwa! Vishwa gets her Master of Science in Nanoscale Physics.

  • March 2010

Graduate student Jiakui Wang joins the group. Welcome, Jiakui!

  • March 2010

Emilia’s paper on Palladium intercalated TiSe2 is published.

  • January 2010

Emilia becomes a mom. Congratulations to Emilia and her husband, and welcome, Tyler Anderson!

  • December 2009

Graduate student Eteri Svanidze joins the group. Welcome, Eteri!

  • October 2009

Welcome to Vishwa Nellore, who joins the group as a Master graduate student.

  • July 2009

Liang attends summer school in Santa Barbara

  • July 2009

Liang’s first paper is published.

  • May 2009

Emilia organized and participated in the International Workshop on the Search for New Superconductors in Kanagawa, Japan         

  • May 2009

Congratulations to Liang for winning the Physics and Astronomy Chuoke Award who recognizes a second or third year student showing great promise in physics.

  • May 2009

Emilia wins the NSF CAREER award. Congratulations! Read Rice Press release here.

  • April 2009

MURI funding awarded for search for new superconductors. Read about it here.

  • May 2008

Emilia wins ORAU 2008 Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award in Physical Sciences.

  • November 2007

Welcome to Liang Zhao and Tom Sanders, first graduate students.

  • July 2007

Emilia joins Rice University, Department of Physics and Astronomy.

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