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Our group is focused on the design and synthesis of new compounds with unconventional electronic and magnetic ground states.  We are particularly interested in superconductivity, local and itinerant electron magnetism, quantum phase transitions and more.  We employ conventional methods of solid state synthesis, vapor transport and flux crystal growth in hopes of finding interesting compounds showing exceptional physics and potential for applications.

Latest News and Events

Welcome to our new posdoctoral associate Onur Tosun
Aug 2022
Welcome to our new graduate student Karthik Rao.
Aug 2021
A full lab this summer! Welcome to our RET and REU researchers Aerielle and Aeryn.
Jun 2021
We welcome our new graduate student Kevin Allen.
Aug 2020
We have a full lab this summer! Welcome to our undergraduate researchers Roberto, Noah, and Spencer, our RET  researcher Daniel, and our new graduate student researcher Long! 
Jun 2019
Congratulations to Jaime for his selection as an NSF Graduate Research Fellow! 
                                                                                                                        Apr 2019
Congratulations to Emilia for her election as a Fellow of the American Physical Society!
Sept 2018



Job Openings

Our group is constantly looking for enthusiastic students interested in condensed matter experiment. The general research focus is on strongly correlated electron systems, with particular emphasis on the discovery of novel materials. You will acquire valuable skills in crystal growth, thermodynamic and transport characterization, with opportunities for specialized training in neutron diffraction, muSR, high magnetic field measurements etc at national and international laboratories.
To apply: email Prof. Emilia Morosan.
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